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Good Buy Or Goodbye? Crypto Roundup - BTC, XRP & ETH.

The UK Crypto world has to come to a turning point, after the FCA announced late last year the ban on the purchase of Cryptocurrencies from the 4th January 2021.

But we have seen little to zero change to any of the major Cryptocurrencies, if anything since the announcement of the ban in October 2020 the Crypto world has only gone in one direction, up.

The only real Cryptocurrency that has taken a turn on the downside is Ripple XRP, but this was due to news of a lawsuit being taken against Ripple by SEC for $1.3 billion for illegally marketing XRP as the worlds third-largest Cryptocurrency to retail customers.

XRP reached a 2 year high in November 2020 of $0.78, before crashing back down $0.17 within a matter of weeks, which begs the question, is XRP still worth investing in?

In our opinion, 100%. XRP is still one of the top Cryptocurrencies globally and is 10x more user friendly and useful than Bitcoin.

As XRP created 100 Million tokens first of all and only released 38 Million to the market, the potential growth of the token is exponential.

Alongside this, there are blatant differences that make XRP the superior Crypto compared to Bitcoin, like its average transfer rate of seconds, compared to an average of 10 minutes in the BTC world.

Despite the latest news on XRP being suspended on Coinbase, temporarily removed from banking platform Revolut & large companies liquidating their entire XRP holding, we still firmly believe that Ripple will play a major role in the cashless future and be a major player in the digital age within the next 10 years.

The overall usefulness of XRP compared to BTC and ETH makes it a far too valuable token to completely count-out.


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